On Thursday 1st November, the Year 4 children enjoyed a trip to Arbeia Roman Fort in South Shields.

It did start as a bit of a wet and soggy day as we walked there in the rain, but that didn’t put the children off!

The rain clouds did pass over and we all enjoyed many activities, including becoming part of the Roman army and being trained by a specialist Roman soldier – Being archaeologists and digging up Roman artefacts and researching and sketching Roman artefacts to create some art work which has been put together on a Frieze Frame which is now up on our classroom display.

The children (and adults) really enjoyed the day, albeit it was rather cold!

Quote from Freddie during the day – “Miss, I’m loving this class trip, it’s so much fun!”



Can you see Thomas?

I think Lauren makes a great soldier

Don’t they look good?

Benjamin trying to get hold of the chain mail armour

Rose holding the chain mail…it’s heavy!

sketching the skeleton!


Frieze Frame pictures coming along just nicely

Drawing our artefacts to go on the Frieze Frame


Answering questions about the artefacts we dug up

building a mosaic

Rose finding the skull

Stephanie using the magnifier


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