The children in Year 2 welcomed a visitor, Mr Mark Stutt from FORESTed Outdoor Learning, to St Bede’s last week who helped bring the Great Fire of London to life.

Having built their own Tudor houses in DT, the children set up their very own Pudding Lane in the school grounds. Mark proceeded to set the houses on fire and the children watched from a safe distance as their houses went up in flames!

The children were instantly immersed in the ‘Great Fire of 1666’ as the historic event was recreated, unfolding before their eyes. Their gasps and screams of delight and excitement could be heard all over South Shields as they soaked up the sights, sounds and smells of 17th Century London.

After all of this excitement, the children learnt about the fire triangle and the dangers of fire.

Lastly, they toasted marshmallows and apple coated in cinnamon and sugar.  Delicious!

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